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Tamara Bubble
Hip Hop / R&B / Actor
"Tamara Bubble"
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Tamara Bubble
"Tamara Bubble is refreshing. This creative vivacious artist grabs your attention. Nice vocals and good production will take her far, but her ability to rap and sing will take her further. A hybrid of hip hop, soul and jazz. All TB needs is a break and I'm sure it will manifest soon." ~ 360 Magazine

"Of course, Brooklyn is also the borough that gave rise to name like Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, and MC Lyte, so don't think that Tamara Bubble is unable to switch the script and spit some bars. Tamara Bubble proves that Brooklyn is still a fertile hunting ground for talent. Singing, rapping, acting, and modeling, she is a quadruple threat." ~ Review

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DJ Maxheat Mosley with Tamara Bubble
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After a chance meeting with a producer in Queens, NY, both the producer and Tamara realized that her voice was a force to be reckoned with and the world should hear it. That day she started her professional music career bringing her positive but edgy attitude through her music. Four years later, she now takes charge of more than the microphone with jingle/songwriting through ASCAP and acting as well as live performances at the Apollo Theatre, iMusic Festival, A3C Hip Hop Festival, Jerome Gun Hill B.I.D. Festival and Williamsburg music festival. Her strong stage presence always leaves the crowd in tears because Tamara commands the attention with her raw vocals and enticing melodies.

In 2012 Tamara released her debut EP "Unleashed" that ended up being featured on commercial on NBC TV. One year later, she released a single "Pull them Pants Up" and was then approached by a Boston Globe reporter who was doing a piece on fashion trends. One thing lead to another, and both Tamara and her song was featured in the article. These outlets helped Tamara reach hundreds of thousands of people. Although Tamara was no stranger to being exposed to that many people, being featured in countless blogs, shows and on radio stations, she was overwhelmed with gratefulness that she was chosen to showcase her talent.

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